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The Rejuvenating Women Restored Wings Recovery Program was created to provide a home and a family atmosphere for victims and survivors of human trafficking. It is a safe and compassionate environment where women who have suffered sexual exploitation and trafficking can begin to heal, which takes time.
The Restored Wings Home is a beautiful 5,500 square foot refuge that offers a warm and loving environment that the women call their home. Our passion is to help every woman find love, healing, and peace by choosing to work through her pain with our team of support provided in the Restored Wings Recovery Program. 

The Restored Wings Home is the first and only of its kind in the state of Nebraska. We are the only faith-based home with a long-term therapeutic treatment program specifically created only for survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. The Restored Wings Home is NOT a “safe house”. We allow our survivors to stay for up to two years and provide them in-depth counseling, case management, free tattoo branding removal, and free legal services during this time. We understand that each woman is in a different place in her healing, thus, we individualize treatment to give her the best care possible. We also focus on education, job training, career strengths and aim to teach her the much-needed life skills so that she can thrive and live independently.

Round-the-clock staff is present in the home to provide support, companionship, and safety for each survivor especially throughout the night as that is typically the most difficult time for her.

At Restored Wings, our survivors pay no rent or fees. It is mandatory that she work or attend school part-time while living in the home once she has medical clearance from her therapist and is ready to re-enter the workforce or classroom setting.  The home is open to help victims of human trafficking, any woman 19 years or older who is a survivor of any form of sexual exploitation and trafficking 

Rejuvenating Women understands that healing is a process and we provide as many tools as possible to help her in this journey throughout her stay as well as our Aftercare Program. Graduation is only the beginning of a life of continued healing. There is no real completion or graduation when recovering from such abuse, control, and addiction, but it does mean that this is where the real journey begins.



Key Objectives of Restored Wings Program:

Rejuvenating Women has designed a program that utilizes paid and volunteer staff, therapists, mentors, processing groups, and psycho-educational classes to address the 10-steps of trauma recovery outlined in the Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral treatment model adapted for trafficking survivors by Becca C. Johnson, PhD. While the residential program is our primary focus, Rejuvenating Women recognizes that there are many women who need and desire this type of intervention but may not qualify or choose to live at Restored Wings Home. Therefore, non-residents may apply to participate in programming.

The non-resident survivors still benefit from all the services as women who are residents. These women have secured safe housing elsewhere, yet still, need the support of Restored Wings on their path to wellness. All of our staff and volunteers are highly educated on the journey trauma victims must undergo to heal. Our entire team and volunteers working directly with the women go through the Mending the Soul and Princess Lost: The Story of our Daughters Curriculum which prepares us for the unique care sexual trauma sufferers require. Our team undergoes a basic training on creating a secure base for trauma survivors that provides a high level of stability. We also meet for two hours each week in Mending the Soul support groups. Once a staff member or volunteer has completed the program, they can act as a mentor and take the survivors through their own Mending the Soul journey. The Mending the Soul mentorship program is for all residential and day program members to provide help for victims of human trafficking.

Provide access through our partners in the community for free legal and tattoo removal services for those in the Restored Wings program.

Residents and day program survivors benefit from life-skill classes focused on health and wellness.

Integrate survivors into a loving, safe community of support that provides assistance while addressing pressing legal, medical, and emotional needs.
Rejuvenating Women works with other organizations to help recover survivors from situations and to find a temporary safe place to stay if needed until a long-term solution is found whether at our Restored Wings home or with another organization. We do what is best for her, not ourselves.
Provide unconditional love and compassion for each survivor regardless of race or religious beliefs.

Make available opportunities for survivors to attend support groups, addiction groups, DBT, prayer, Bible studies, crisis intervention services, and other special activities throughout their stay.

Meet the needs of survivors with ongoing therapy by trained counselors and social workers. This includes a Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program with a ten-step process. This leads each survivor to a place where she can verbalize her abuse and find emotional healing.

Here is what one of our Residents wrote:

“A couple of months ago if someone would have asked me how I was doing I would have answered that I’m empty. Empty because I felt that I didn’t have a close enough relationship with God and I didn’t understand what co-dependency or boundaries consisted of. Heavy because for so long I carried the trauma, pain, hurt, and resentment in me. Lost because my parents were gone and adults abused me from the time I was a child and often I asked myself why I’m here or if this is the world I’m supposed to be in. Stuck because I felt that my spirit was somewhere in the clouds. Buried because I felt like my soul was gasping for air. But, God has changed all of that through Rejuvenating Women. The classes are exactly what I needed for my soul to be resurrected. Here, for the first time, I can really sense God’s love for me. Tirelessly, the staff is working to continue to make this place a sanctuary.”

~ Restored Wings Resident

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We assist female victims and survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Nebraska and throughout the United States.

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