“Marriage” (10 year anniversary/vow renewal ceremony) – Blog by Julie

On May 25th, my husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. We had planned to renew our vows on this day 9 months ago.  We planned a lakeside ceremony with Pastor Ty Schenzel officiating the ceremony whom we respect a lot!  Pastor Ty and his wife, Terri have a heart for marriage and we have learned so much from them. It was supposed to rain all weekend, but we prayed and prayed that it would not rain.  I even asked that it would be 80 degrees and sunny with no wind.  Well, my prayers were answered because it was just as I asked God for.  It was perfect!

So much has happened with us and the changes that have taken place.  My husband has accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior in August of 2012 and because of that, our marriage has become more solid and strong.  God is our guide and has been number one in our marriage as well.  I praise Him daily for the growth of my love for my husband.  I am in love with my husband again and it is ONLY because of Jesus Christ in my/our lives!

Praise Him!!!!


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