Disguised as Angels of Light

We tend to think that evil-intentioned people look a certain way. We are here to tell you that even the evilest hearts in people can appear on the outside

“Envy and Competition”

Jealousy, a competitive spirit and envy are cunning and it can rip up relationships and create deeper rooted anger. It is easy for us to get wrapped up in what others are doing, so we need to stay grounded in Christ! Seeking Him and being obedient will be all that one needs when the darts […]

“The Deception of the Enemy and Fifty Shades”

God tells us to flee and run from sin. So why watch Fifty Shades or read the books? God says clearly in the Bible, that sex with anyone other than your spouse is a sin, so sex before marriage is a sin! I know society is OK with this and the devil has so cleverly […]