December 2019

Dear Supporters of Rejuvenating Women, 

In my time here at Rejuvenating Women, I’ve been able to renew not only my faith but my identity as well. I felt so lost before as if nothing would ever change for me. I see now that my thoughts determine my actions, and through trusting Jesus I’ve been able to see that true redemption can be a reality for me. He has turned memories that used to bring so much guilt and shame into memories that let me know I’m no longer the person that I thought I had to be. One of the reasons that I chose the RW program originally was due to the fact that the programming is based on a higher level of thinking. Classes like “Boundaries”, “Princess Lost Princess Found”, and “Search for Significance” are vital to renewing our minds, hearts, and soul as Christ works in me.

Being a part of the Rejuvenating Women family, I’ve been able to build a community of women who have shown me that my past no longer defines who I am. I no longer feel like a burden. I know now that I’m a part of a family who really wants me here. The staff in this program have encouraged me to try new things, empowered me in ways that have rebuilt my confidence to conquer things that I used to think impossible, and loved me as I’ve never seen love before.  

My story is unique in the sense that I am not someone that you would have pictured as having been trafficked. I started a business at a young age that prospered well. I had a family and a home of my own.  I am fairly well-traveled and educated. With that being said, I don’t fit the stigma of what a young woman in trafficking would look like, and nor does my story really. I could have been anyone’s kid, so I pray that you will open your heart and mind in understanding that sex trafficking can be in any neighborhood. I’m forever grateful to the Rejuvenating Women Family for accepting and loving me as I am now and believing in the person that God is molding me to be.

Thank you for supporting Rejuvenating Women! I feel so blessed and look forward to being able to give back and help women in the same way that this program has helped me.  I am very excited about what this next year has in store!  Not just for me, but for all of us as well. 

God bless and Happy Holidays!  

Written by, Current Resident at RW

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