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The talented team at Rejuvenating Women reaches out to people of all ages through speaking engagements, trainings, and workshops. We are passionate about educating our audiences about human trafficking and providing ways for the community to get involved.  



Rejuvenating Women is pleased to announce that our independent, licensed staff will soon be offering Human Trafficking Workshops. We will make trainings available to the public on topics such as self-care that will be offered for individuals who work in trauma prevention and response. The workshops will provide an opportunity for staff and volunteers of trauma agencies to engage in self-care. These workshops will provide information necessary for professionals who work with survivors and the effects that this horrific abuse has on the survivor.
Continuing Education (CEU’s) will also be available.

To be added to our list for future workshops, please email us at; info@rejuvenatingwomen.org.


Who Do We Speak To?

We can speak anywhere and to any group who is interested in hearing more about how to rid our community and our world of human trafficking. In the past, we have spoken to:

Youth groups


Non-profit groups


Community organizations

Women’s groups

Medical clinics and hospitals

Church groups

What Do We Speak About?

Our main topics of discussion revolve around human trafficking education and how to keep ourselves and loved ones safe from predators. We present interactive trainings for educational purposes as well as more informational presentations for the community. Some of the questions we address in our trainings and speeches are:

Are you and/or your children safe online?

Are you educating yourself and those around you on the dangers of predators?

Do you know how to spot a victim?

Do you know how to spot a trafficker?

How do you prevent your child from becoming a victim?

Are you aware how the trafficker grooms the victims?

In addition to human trafficking, we also present on the following topics:


Internet and Social Media Safety

Prostitution, Escort services, and Exotic dancing

Releasing Shame and Guilt

Sexual Assault and Abuse

Abortion, Teen pregnancy, and Adoption

Depression and Bullying

Domestic Violence

Drug and Alcohol Addictions


Sexual Purity and the Bible (aimed at teens)

Marital and Relationship Issues

Sharing our own Testimony

Where Do We Speak?

We can do the training in our office or bring the training to you…whatever location that is most convenient. We speak at churches, medical facilities, schools, businesses, hotels and motels, community events and more.

How Do You Book a Speaking Engagement?

Our speakers and trainers all manage their own calendars and have various fees and honorariums. In your email or phone call, please let us know what subject you are interested in having a speaker present on and if you have a particular speaker in mind.

To learn more about booking a workshop, training or speaking engagement, please contact us at:



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About Us

Rejuvenating women is a faith-based, non-­profit organization committed to providing hope and restoration to those enslaved in human trafficking.

We assist female victims and survivors of human trafficking regardless of their race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, disability, handicapped status, veteran status, marital status, or political affiliation.

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