Global Human Trafficking

Global Slavery Index 

For Global information, go to: International Justice Mission (IJM)

For National information and numbers in the U.S. go to: Polaris Project

Trafficking In Persons Report

Human Trafficking in Nebraska

For Nebraska information and statistics go to: Nebraska’s Commercial Sex Market Report through Creighton University research Department and Women’s Fund of Omaha.

For Survivor information in Nebraska, go to: Research by, Shireen S. Rajaram, Ph.D. And Sriyani Tidball, M.A.

Pornography and Human Trafficking

Pornography and Prostitution

Fight the New Drug

Prevention and Awareness for Parents


What Can You Do?

Call your Elected Officials and tell them to toughen the laws for traffickers and those purchasing sex.

Prostitution Research and Education of Melissa Farley, Ph.D.

Melissa Farley Ph.D. is an American clinical psychologist, researcher and feminist anti-pornography and anti-prostitution activist.

Modern Slavery

Who is at risk?

Anyone could potentially become a victim of human trafficking. Often there are stereotypes of victims that are often portrayed as innocent young girls who are forced into the commercial sex act. Women, men, and children of all ages can be trafficked for sex.

Where does it happen?

Human trafficking happens around the world. There are an estimated 30 million slaves in the world today (McKirdy, 2014). Trafficking happens in Nebraska as well. There are an estimated 1800 women in Omaha alone involved in the sex trade and approximately 50% of them are involuntary (Shavers et. al., 2013).

How are victims controlled?

Victims are often manipulated with a combination of physical violence and affection to instill loyalty. Traffickers will typically control every aspect of their lives and beat the victim should they not obey.  A great deal of psychological control is given to trafficker.

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Rejuvenating women is a faith-based, non-­profit organization committed to providing hope and restoration to those enslaved in human trafficking.

We assist female victims and survivors of human trafficking regardless of their race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, disability, handicapped status, veteran status, marital status, or political affiliation.

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